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Foreclosure Avoidance Options

Foreclosure is one of the most devastating financial challenges that a family can face and one that many times can be avoided. The options available to residents for foreclosure are many but many aren’t even aware of them. Banks don’t advertise them, and if the homeowners are not educated on their options they are unable to ask for the correct assistance.


Foreclosure Prevention Education

  • New Jersey is number one in the country for foreclosures.
    • 1 and 562 homes are in foreclosure.
    • Majority of the properties in foreclosure are upside down.
    • We do a comparative analysis to determine the value of property.
    • We work from home value to determine whether the homeowner can financially afford to keep the property.
      • If so, we have a few options:
        • Refer to a nonprofit agency who specializes in working with the lender and homeowner to purchase the home at market value from the lender and sell it back to the homeowner at market value.
        • Negotiate with the clients lender directly in order to have the lender approve the homeowner for a loan modification, a refinance, a short refinance, or any of the other option that are available and that they qualify for.
      • If not, we inform  homeowner of what their income can support and work with them to implement a plan to live affordably long-term.


Resources to Implement Solutions

  • Short Sale Assistance
  • Assistance in locating Rentals
  • Matching homeowners with vetted and qualified buyers.
  • Matching landlords with vetted and qualified renters.


Counseling Back to Homeownership Path

  • Educating individuals and families how to determine what their income can support in rent or mortgage.
  • How to determine how much house they can afford comfortably.
  • Link them to a nonprofit that offers mortgages with:
    • No Money Down
    • No Closing Costs
    • No Points
    • No Mortgage Insurance
    • Based on Credit Character Not Credit Score
    • Max Interest Rate Is Current
    • Mortgage Rate Buy Down Rate Available
    • No Limit Where They Can Buy


Provide Rehab Management Services

Our skill sets allow our home buyers to buy like investors and build equity into their new homes.


Reverse Mortgage Alternatives

  • We also look to give senior citizens an alternative to reverse mortgages.
  • Many reverse mortgages end in foreclosure.
  • Senior home needs often change with age.
  • We assess their needs and their wants to help them understand all the options and get them a long-term plan and income.


If we can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to reach out to us.